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The Art of Doing Nothing: Let Go, Be, and Trust the Universe

I finally escaped my daily life and found myself on an island, alone for the weekend. After a year of manifesting this experience, I find myself with nothing to show for it. I've had fantasies of writing a novel, creating a coaching curriculum, or finishing that mystery book on my kindle, but I can't think, write, or create anything right now. Instead, all I can do is watch the ferry shuffle commuters and visitors back and forth across the Puget Sound. I've been beating myself up because I can't accomplish what I came here to do, but then I had a realization: maybe this is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing right now or even for the year. Maybe my creativity has gone dormant because it's not what I'm meant to be doing. Perhaps this 50th year is supposed to be about observation, evaluation, and self-acceptance. So instead, I will sit back, observe, and allow myself to be. It can be challenging to embrace the mindset of simply being in a society that values "doing" and productivity. However, according to Eckhart Tolle, our only purpose in life is to be present in the present moment. So, I am letting go of my expectations and simply being. I will trust the universe to guide and provide for me in the way that is best for me. Who says we have to be

Salt Creek letting go and just being

doing all of the time? We can simply sit back and learn from the doers while we rest and recharge. The universe will bring us exactly what we need at the right time. If we're supposed to create, we'll feel the inspiration to do so. If we need rest, then we'll be tired and need time to recharge. If it's time to learn, then we will have a learning mind. I've found that pushing myself to do things just leads to frustration and a feeling of being lost. By simply letting go and trusting the universe, we can find peace and fulfillment in the present moment. In essence, mastering the art of doing nothing.

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20 ago 2023

So eloquently written. Our minds and bodies were not created to be burdened with the pace of life as we know it today. Just breathe…

Me gusta
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