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What Clients are Saying:

Ashley M - Seattle

I connected with Caren while I was going through a huge life transition — I was in the midst of a divorce, an international move and a career shift. In many ways I felt very paralyzed trying to figure out next steps. One of my biggest blocks was money and how I was going to support myself and my son. In our first session I felt like she pierced my confusion and indecisiveness and provided me with real tangible next steps. Her energy is kind, genuine, intuitive and strong. I felt like she understood me instantly. She made me feel seen, heard and then she helped me pick up my pieces and put them back together. She tailored her approach to me and and who I was which I appreciated because she didn't waste my time — we got right into it. I couldn't recommend working with her enough, I know I would not be in the exact position I am today without her guidance.

Anna M - Kirkland

Caren is a compassionate and intuitive coach who is really understands her clients. She is gifted in reading between the lines, problem solving, and getting to the root of things quickly and thoughtfully! I would recommend Caren to anyone seeking support from a coach.

Dawn B - Lakewood

If this is the impact that you have made on my life with one session, I am beyond excited to see what we can do in the future.  I have spent the morning beginning "finding Dawn" .

Lindsey F - Bellingham

The connection with Caren was instant. I immediately felt seen, held, and heard in my coaching sessions with her. She is the coach you want when you are trying to get to the heart of what’s going on in your life. I love her direct approach, highly recommend if you are looking to move your life forward.

Terry H - Seattle

My experience with Caren was exceptional and well worth it. She is warm and engaging and easy to talk to. She always seems to keep an open mind and I never felt judged. That said, I especially liked her non-judgmental approach and the simple, yet powerful tips she shared around how to better communicate my boundaries in the workplace. I had a few “a ha” moments along the way as we dug into some challenges I kept experiencing over the years. Caren never pushed too hard and was kind and caring - not cold or stuffy. I truly felt seen and heard; it was a great investment of my time. I highly recommend Caren to anyone considering a professional coach.

Jordan P - Kirkland 

After 14 years in my nanny career, your coaching helped me push past my fears and pursue my dream job as a postpartum doula.

Lauren S - Bothell 

I found Cären when I was floundering after leaving my 9-to-5. I had known for a long time that I wanted to work for myself, but an unexpected layoff and a sub-par rebound job pushed me into that position a little sooner than I was ready for. I felt so raw, so fragile, so blinded by grief, but Cären held each of my fears and patiently helped me wade through them. She gave me permission to heal – something I hadn't realized I was actively prohibiting myself from doing. Cären helped me realize how much of my self-worth was tied up in a job that not only didn't bring me joy, but didn't see my value. She helped me see that "success" is something I get to define, not a cut-and-paste dictation I have to adhere to. At a time when I felt at my very lowest, Cären was there to lift me up. She's exactly the person you need in your corner. She is the person you want to guide you through the tunnel until you see the light at the end – until you see the light in yourself. 

Katherine E - Bothell

It would be impossible to share in simple words how much Coach Caren has helped me. She is The perfect mix of kindness and motivation! I think it takes a truly special coach to help guide you out of your own way and she did that for me. Highly recommend!

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